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       How to Buy a RugĀ 

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 Our most important recommendations for those who have the intention to buy carpets are as follows: Try not to buy your carpet in the full season, when there may be too much confusion.Visit a number of reliable stores and firms then take into consideration the facilities that they may offer.

  Then make a comparison with what you have seen in various shops. After having a rough idea of the size, design, colour and the price, you can take a decision to buy the carpet you prefer. While visiting a showroom, never take along small children or friends, who may impose their own opinion on you. It's better to take a decision in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

   You may bear in mind the carpet dealer's recommendations but the last decision should be taken by you. Select and buy the carpet you need and which you like most. Ask the dealer frankly and without any reserve to show all the carpets which might be suitable for you. Welt-known and reliable firms will usually bring their merchandise to your house without any commitment made by the buyer. Let them put aside the carpets you prefer. By trying the carpets at home, you will be able to have enough time to examine the harmony of the carpets with your furniture. Pay attention to see whether the carpet you have bought is regular or not.

   In the length and width of hand-woven carpets there are may be a difference of a few centimetres.In big rugs, this is not as important as it is in small rugs; therefore check accurately the measurements before you buy. Make sure that the pattern is reasonably symmetrical. The best way to check this is to fold the rug in half-length wise and match the two layers, one can easily see half of the central design. The same process can be repeated by folding the rug across the width. The colour of a carpet differs when looked at from one end or the other, depending on the pile. It looks lighter in the direction of the pile and darker from the end therefore it's better to see the carpet from all angles in the natural daylight.

   Be careful that th variation of the colour (Abrash) is not perceptible. If the colour change is too sharp, the rug should be put aside.Pay attention to the colours used in the rug, Are they deep and rich? Check the individual colours in different parts of the pile. If the colour on the surface of the carpet is lighter than the base of the pile, it means that the wool is dyed by Aniline (one kind of fugitive synthetic colour). Make sure that the dark colours haven't run into the lighter ones.

   Touch the woollen-pile fibre with your hand. It should be tough, shiny and smooth. There is a general misunderstanding that the soft wool is better, but as compared with coarse and tough rugs, the durability of those with soft wool is short. It does nor wear well and absorbs dust and dirt very easily. The most important factor in selecting a carpet is its weave. From the back of the rug one can observe the fineness, the uniformity, the number of knots and the distance between the rows.

   If you want to count the knots on the back of a carpet, the most common way is to measure them is to see how many knots there are in a square metre or in a square inch. To know better, one should count the knots in different parts of the rugs.While examining the pile, rub your hand over the surface of the rug. The height of the pile should be even from one end to the other.

   If the pile is uneven, it means that the weavers have not sheared the rug well. If the rug is not washed properly, this may cause irregularity.When you select the carpet, make sure that the pile has no bad smell and it isn't dirty.

   Buy your carpets from well-organised stores that have a sufficient stock of merchandise. Ask the dealer to give you a certificate with necessary specifications guaranteeing the carpet you have bought. This certificate will be very useful in case of theft, insurance and transportation.

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